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Heshan CH Pack Co.,Ltd.Compostable bags

Heshan Chenghui Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Heshan City,Guangdong Province,which is famous in the printing industry.Its location is a convenient transportation hub connecting Guangzhou,Zhongshan,Shenzhen and Zhanjiang.The building area of the plant is about 10000 square meters.The company has a 100000 level standard dust-free production workshop and leading-edge production equipment.It has a high-speed printing machine with ten-color automatic color registration.It has precise overprinting,can handle multi-color overprinting,and prints dumb oil and other special processes to satisfy customers.The pursuit of various colors,the practical composite machine shows the advantages of good compounding and strong fastness,ten automatic and multi-functional bag making machines have a daily production capacity of 2 million bags.The optimized production environment and advanced equipment have laid a solid foundation for Chenghui to develop the market and develop.According to the requirements of the EU BRC system and the testing procedures,our company insists on the inspection of raw materials before storage,the inspection of printed film,the sampling of semi-finished products,and the inspection of finished products.Each test is in place.Professional quality inspection will be sampled in the laboratory before the receipt of each batch of raw materials for thickness measurement,friction coefficient test,gas permeability measurement and other experiments.The inspection of the process is also one of the magic means of management.The company is equipped with an automatic inspection machine,and the professional quality inspection master carries out the quality inspection of the printed semi-finished products to prevent the printing defective products from flowing into the next process.The company is equipped with sufficient inspection personnel to randomly check the composite semi-finished products,semi-finished bags,electronic tensile strength test,five-point heat seal strength test,etc.,to ensure the stability of the composite and bag making process,There is also a final inspection process in the QC department to prevent defective products from flowing to customers.The concept of quality as the core competitiveness is a solid backing for the stable development of Chenghui.Based on long-term development,the company is inseparable from the diversification of technology,and has the process of leading the market and being recognized by customers,dumb oil process and invisible ink process,there are various material combinations,such as multi-paper aluminum foil bag,complex laser aluminum foil bag,etc.The composite process is highly sought after by customers,there are also a variety of bag making processes such as mature die-cut rounded corners,fashion shaped bags,Compostable bags,self-supporting zipper bags,back organ bags,and three-dimensional nozzle bags.Our company has deep and long-term cooperation with well-known domestic brands.Professional and experienced technical personnel,responsible and responsible sales personnel,and quality-oriented management team are the core competitiveness of the company. In the future,Chenghui pays more attention to integrating scientific and technical into management operations,and serves customers with high-quality products,efficient production capacity and professional talents.
Heshan CH Pack Co.,Ltd.