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Yantai Evergreen Packaging Co.,Ltd.Compostable bags

Yantai Evergreen Packing Co., Ltd. We have been engaged in packing industry for 17 years, for good quality and competitive price, we export series of packing products worldwide. Our factory have superior ability to innovate and strong technical capability. And we ensure high-quality and low-cost for each product to meet customers' marketing. Our main products are ground cover and HDPE net include mesh bag, anti hail net and insect net. Ground cover can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in wet condition, due to the use of plastic flat wire. HDPE nets are widely used in packing and shipping of firewood, potato, garlic, onion, cabbage, carrot, apple, pear, orange and other vegetables, fruit. Compostable bags are popular with users for refining work, bright colors,high tensile strength,high shining and brightness,good touch feeling,standard size,etc. Our major overseas markets include North America,Asia,the Middle East,Australia and Africa.With annual sales of 3,500,000 US dollars,in 2002,our exports amounted to 2 million US dollars. We are looking forward to cooperating with more clients in the near future based on mutual benefits.If you are interested in our products,please just feel free to contact us with email or phone.Welcome your inquiry and thank you in advance.
Yantai Evergreen Packaging Co.,Ltd.