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Advantages of degradable plastic bags

We all know that the production of degradable plastic bags has made great contributions to this society. They can completely degrade the plastics that need to be decomposed for 100 years in only two years. This is not only the welfare of the society, but also the luck of the whole country
In this country with thousands of years of history, the use of plastic bags has been nearly 100 years. Many people have been familiar with its existence. Walking on the street, you can see one or several people. Some of them are used to buy vegetables, and some are shopping bags for other goods. The change of diversity makes people's originally less wonderful life "colorful".

1.Advantages of  performance degradable,plastic bags can reach or surpass the performance of traditional plastic bags in some specific fields;

2.Advantages of  performance degradable,plastic bags  have similar application performance and sanitary properties to the same kind of traditional plastics.

3.Advantages  terms of degradability, degradable plastic bags can be degraded quickly in the natural environment (specific microorganisms, temperature, humidity), and become easily used debris or non-toxic gas, reducing the impact on the environment.
4.Advantages  terms of safety, the substances produced or remained in the degradation process of degradable plastic bags are harmless to the environment and will not affect the survival of human beings and other organisms.